SoGoodToWear represents luxury, relaxed basics, made from beautiful natural, high quality materials, processed by artisans. SoGoodToWear wants to make slow fashion basics, which are great to wear and contribute to a better world. 100% cool, 100% warm, 100% fair, animal friendly, and co2 compensated. For us, slow fashion means clothing which is made to be worn with love and care, day in and day out, for years to come. Not just in your wardrobe, but also in our collection, so that when you find your new favorite singlet, you can buy it again after a few years. We also believe in a slow start: were beginning with a small collection, exclusively available at select stores. Which also happen to be the best fashion stores in Europe, who carry beautiful brands which fit perfectly with our basics. The first collection consists of a handful of tops, long sleeves, a track pant, a beanie, and a shawl, all in varying thicknesses. Bonnie Doets, Ana Rita Dos Santos Brito Da Torre, and Ellen Landa, dancers at the world renowned Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, danced in our first collection, filmed by Dilani. The look book was shot by Denise Boomkens.

Animal Friendly & Fair.
SoGoodToWear works with animal friendly cashmere, which we currently buy from outside suppliers. We would like to go a few steps further however, and start our own small-scale herds in the higher regions of Nepal. We want to herd goats in a sustainable, innovative, and ethical way, without causing any erosion to the landscape. Nepal is known for its enormous expertise and craftsmanship in the field of cashmere production. At this moment the raw materials, the cashmere wool that is, is imported. SoGoodToWear wants to return the whole cashmere production chain to Nepal. The small-scale herding of goats, the combing, dehairing, spinning, and dyeing of cashmere provides local labor opportunities and income to the smaller communities in Nepal. SoGoodToWear wants to accomplish this through a cooperative, in which everyone in the production chain holds a share.

SoGoodToWear is made in a fair-trade knitting factory in Nepal, where amazing artisans process high quality cashmere into our designs. Our cashmere knitters are well trained, well compensated, and work under good and safe labor conditions, with plenty of chances to grow. SoGoodToWear believes in equal opportunities and rewards for men and women. Next to this, a portion of the sales of each item are saved in a special fund, which contributes to the rebuilding of Nepal after the earthquakes. SoGoodToWear is a new fair-trade clothing brand. It stands for slow fashion, honesty, beauty, sustainability, and high quality. The comfortable, luxury basics, among which sweaters and beanies, are made from animal friendly wool and cashmere in a fair-trade workshop in Nepal.

The wool comes from small goat and sheep farms in Cashmere, and is processed in a small artisanal workshop in Nepal. In the production process in Nepal we work together with Anna Shreya of Moko Fair Production. Anna Shreya has more than 20 years of experience in the production of knitwear and textiles in Nepal and has built an expansive and reliable network there. Moko Fair Production makes sure that there is oversight for SoGoodToWear and that the products are made under good and fair labor circumstances.

SoGoodToWear wants to make the very best clothing, and with that, contribute to the labor opportunities in Nepal, and create better circumstances for goats and sheep in Cashmere.

With your purchase of a sweater or beanie, you’re investing in the first collection of SoGoodToWear, which we’ll release in April. Do you want to be kept up to date? Then sign up for our newsletter.